on Saturday, 09 March 2013.

The experiences and the know-how coming from the travels are a very useful step in my job.Going on a journey means get new esperiences, new knowledge and new excitement. In this picture I am in the Santo Domingo republuic plantation, one of the countries where the cocoa grows. This journey has been very important for me as it let me understand different steps in the cocoa cultivation. There is a great difference between read about and see by ourself eyes all these long processes regarding cocoa. From the plant cultivation to the harwest, the seeds fermentation and drying...I already knew all these steps by reading but it was not enough and I had a great curiosity about. Unfortunately, I can only describe the travel experience, I cannot write about colours, scent of cocoa and the local people kindness, anyway, as I want remember those feelings, sensations I can always close my eyes and let my mind start travelling....

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