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+39 011 97 66 618 Torino. Via Maria Vittoria 27/C Giaveno, Viale Regina Elena 14



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My secret

“My secret lies in respect. Respect for cocoa. For those little beans that contain the magic. Respect for those who grow cocoa respecting people’s rights. Respect for those who, together with me, process cocoa every day and help me to create chocolate. Respect for those who work with us every day to give value to our work. Respect for my wife, without whom nothing would have been possible. And finally, respect for all those who, like me, love cocoa and they work to create one of the greatest gifts our planet can give us.”

Our way here...

The story of Giuinott

How it was born and what is behind one of the most revolutionary gianduiotti ever. The invention of a new processing method to create a perfect union between PGI Piedmont hazelnuts and Cacao Chuao from Venezuela.

Guido Castagna Area 55


Area (55) is the space within our laboratory where we experiment, design and train. It is the place where the secrets of the universe of our chocolate are kept, access to which is allowed to a few. Here ideas, comparisons and sharing are born and developed. This is where our workshops take place, but it is also available for events, conferences and team building.

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