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+39 011 97 66 618 Torino. Via Maria Vittoria 27/C Giaveno, Viale Regina Elena 14



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Every single creation carries all the wise craftsmanship, the passion and creativity that everyday we put in our work. All our creations are imagined and created respecting the Guido Castagna Natural Method. A guarantee for you and for us.


The master of our collection. It's a crime if you don't taste it!

Praline collection

Classic or spicy. Classic sweetness meets the future.

Truffle collection

Gianduja, Croccante, Maraschino. You will love them and you will be loved by people who will receive them.


CQ and +55. The apotheosis of chocolate and hazelnuts.

  1. History of a dream

    When I discovered cocoa and its manufacturing, it was love at first sight. Since then everything has changed, and our adventure has begun. Without thinking too much about the future we got our small workshop going and began experiencing. Every day was a new discovery!

  2. Hard work

    Like every start, at the beginning our work was uphill. But the desire to create something new was stronger than difficulties. When you dedicate to your passion you never feel tired and you never look at the clock. Our beginning was just like this.

  3. First awards

    As time was speeding up, someone began to notice our chocolate. The first awards arrived, and we understood we had taken the right direction and that we would never go back.

  4. Giuinott

    The creation of the Giuinott was an important step in our history. A small, reinvented giandujotto, that encloses all our efforts and limitless work. It was a gamble. Studies, tests, mistakes, and also the invention of new machinery. All of this for 7 grams of cocoa and hazelnut sweetness. In the end we succeeded and now the Giuinott is a 6 time International Chocolate Awards winner.

  5. Natural Method

    After years of paying attention to the smallest details, we decided to give a name to our way of working and to our idea of chocolate production. Guido Castagna Natural Method is everything we think and make, in order to create the ideal chocolate, form the choice of the cocoa beans to the final packaging. An eco-friendly chocolate, that follows the slow rhytm of nature and respects people, that releases its flavours and scents without any further process. It was a dream, now it's Guido Castagna Natural Method

  6. Tomorrow’s Chocolate

    Today, after years of hard work, our passion is still untouched and we always do our best. The emotion we see in all of you when you taste our creations leads us. Your emotion is the engine that drives us towards new projects for the future. We want to be wherever there's love for choccolate.

My first book

My first book would like to be a sweet itinerary throughout the use of our chocolate and the creation of unique receipes. Discover the secret of the creations made with our chocolate. Enjoy making them at home, following our receipes. Then share your results with us!

A discovery that will seduce you

Our truffle collection, Gianduja, Croccante, Maraschino, satisfies any desire of sweetness, from the most tasteful to the most eclectic. Available both in the convenient 100 or 200 g bags and in the smart gift boxes (truffles only or mixed pralines).Pay attention! They might cause uncontrolled good mood!

guido castagna tartufi truffle big

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