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+39 011 97 66 618 Torino. Via Maria Vittoria 27/C Giaveno, Viale Regina Elena 14



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About us

Our workshop is like an atelier, where everybody contributes, learns, grows up and helps to preserve our values. A unique team which believes in the magic of chocolate, respecting natural methods.

Chocolate Team

Since we started in 2001, our team has always grown and we are together every day of the year. Passion for chocolate has no season.

One Department

We don't like walls and partitions. Even if everybody has their own task, we help each other when we are in need. We have no secrets for who wants to learn, everyone has the right to grow following their own passions.

Winning pair

Also behind every great chocolate... there is a great woman! Ours is Cristina. Passion is not enough, we could be experts but without her organization and supervision we would have never been an efficient workshop. In other words, heart and mind.


We like getting off from time to time, having a snack or a chat. It eases our work. Chocolate is better if people who make it are happy!

Cocoa leads us

Our working rhythm is imposed by cocoa . It decides when it's time to release its best aromas. We just listen to it and pick the right moment to start production. And magic begins.

Passion and stubborness

Many times we tried and tasted before selecting the best flavour. During these years we made mistakes, we met difficulties and hurdles. We often had to find new ways to achieve what we wanted. In the end our efforts have been awarded.

guido castagna praline noi about us


During these years so many people took delight in our creations and congratulated us.This is our greatest award. So we have decided to give you the opportunity to share your opinions and feedbacks. Your participation helps us to improve!

Guido Castagna ... the infinite goodness of this man is equal only to the infinite exquisiteness of his masterpieces. I am fortunate to be his friend and his humility and generosity have never ceased to amaze me. As I always say, it is a true "number 1" in all.

Lorenzo Brachetti


Guido Castagna is an undisputed master in his art. It was an honour for me to meet him and be such good friends.

Antonella Clerici

TV presenter

The times when we say to a person "I got you in Castagna", means that we caught her at the precise moment when she is making a mistake ... however, with Guido, you're never wrong!

Nicola Prudente

Radio & TV presenter

When I see Guido working, I always feel like Charlie Bucket in the Willy Wonka chocolate factory: I'm in front of the magic and I'm happy.

Marco Ponti

Film Director

Guido Castagna, one of the most popular chocolatiers in the world, manages to achieve maximum professionalism with its simplicity. In short, a cool Italian that honors us and represents in the world with the processing of its chocolate.

Stefano Masciarelli

Actor & voices

Guido is not moved by PASSION for his work, the PASSION PASS! Love is eternal. Guido is in love with his job!

Federico Quaranta

TV & Radio presenter

Guido Castagna is a good young man and makes a great Giuinott. One that takes you by the throat, surprising you every time and making everything seem easy. In short, a cool one.

Luca Bianchini