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Do you need to ask for something? Do you want to know where we are? Do you want information about our events ?.No problem! Here’s where you can find us.

+39 011 97 66 618 Torino. Via Maria Vittoria 27/C Giaveno, Viale Regina Elena 14



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Our Work

Every day is for us a new adventure, searching for the perfect creation. So we can give everyone a unique moment of happiness.



The most important word for us. All of our creations aim to top quality.


The Customer

We believe in direct relations with all of you. We are always available to comparison.


Raw material

To obtain maximum quality we only search for the maximum in the raw materials.


The recipes

We love to share our passions, on TV, on the web, in schools and on the newspapers.



Everything we do has our touch, our signature, our authenticity.



We always stay on top of laws, regulations and necessities.

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Seasonal collections

Every year we develop and propose new creations for all the festivities and major events. We give into creativity and develop our abilities. And for all of you these are precious gifts!

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Our Natural Method production lasts all year round and gives us the oppurtunity to offer you continuously fresh products. From our bars to our truffles, from our Giuinott to our CQ and +55 spreads, everything is produced with the available cocoa and hazelnuts.

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Gourmet Baking

Our patisserie recipes follow the chocolate, the seasons and our experiments. We are always creating new combinations, sometimes daring, using the best that nature can offer us.

Our close attentions

When we choose and manifacture the raw materials, we are always very cautious about contaminations among ingredients of different recipes.

Moreover, many of our products are suitable for celiac people. In fact our Giuinott, all our bars and the +55 spread, are included in the Aic (celiac) food handbook. Our care for maximum quality is also this.